Roaring 20s-Inspired Chalkboard Coasters

I’ve been playing with my Cricut Explore (<--affiliate link) and truly having a blast with it. I really don’t consider myself crafty at all, but I feel like I’m maybe halfway there when I use the Explore. Maybe, maybe not? :)

I did something a little different for this month’s project. My team, the awesome Design Space Star Team 12, decided on a Roaring Twenties theme for our project. You may not know this about me but one of my all time favorite books is the Great Gatsby so yeah, this was up my alley alright!

chalkboard coasters

They were a little more involved than last month’s project but still pretty easy!

Now you try them! :)

chalkboard coasters diy

Supplies for Coasters
4 tiles – I used bathroom tiles from Lowe’s, approx 50 cents each
Chalkboard vinyl
Silver vinyl
Tacky glue
Ric rac or ribbon for edges
Embellishments or bling for added flair
Ribbon for wrapping
Sharpie markers


Directions for Coasters
1. For each tile, you’ll need a square template to cut the felt and the chalk tile. My tiles were 4.25″ square. I used the Cricut Explore Design Space to create a template just slightly smaller than 4.25″ (about 4.20).
2. Use the felt setting on the Cricut and the standard sticky mat to cut four equal-sized squares of felt. You’ll adhere one each of these to the bottom of the tiles using the Tacky Glue. Be sure to leave some time for drying.
3. Use the same square template to cut the chalkboard tops. Set the Cricut to the Vinyl setting for this one. You’ll need a pretty steady hand to apply the chalkboard squares to tops of your tile. Also, start from the middle and smooth out.
4. I used a feather, a fun lattice pattern, a shoe and a large D (for Daisy Buchanan naturally) to decorate the tiles. For those I used the silver vinyl. All the objects can be found in the Cricut Design Space and the capital D was just a fun font I used on my computer.
5. Then just add your bling! I added some ric rac on the sides since my tile wasn’t smooth and also a few hints of blingy crystals.
6. Wrap with ribbon and attach a Sharpie marker for a fun gift that the birthday girl and use right then and there.

We threw a holiday party last year and I thought it might be fun to do something like this for this year. Guests can sign them and then take their personalized coasters home afterwards.





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Don’t forget – just like last time I’ll be updating this post with the sweet projects from Design Space Star Team 12! Be sure to check back often!




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